Your website In A week

Let's help you get that brand new website you've been dreaming of for months. As a photographer, if your website fails to showcase how amazing you and your work are, you are actively missing out on potential sales.

This website in a week will get you the site and show your potential clients they need to hire you. 



( Or maybe you're both. Like me  🙃)

You're a photographer
not a web designer

Either way unless you're working towards a design business you should be out there shooting!  It's super hard to grow your business when you're trying to learn an entirely new skillset. Especially one that like photography takes a while to get good at. 

Imagine having a site that's done quickly, looks fine as hell, and is done like yesterday. That way you can stop worrying about your online presence and start crushing your photo sessions!

Imagine a website that actually helps you instead of just collecting dust online

There are lot's of things that go into growing your photography business. Your website is one of the biggest things you'll need to not just grow, but grow sustainably. The website in a week is going to help you accomplish  several things.

Makes it easier for potential clients to know how and why they should work with you

Streamline the process of tracking and qualifying leads.

Establish a unique brand that justifies higher prices and attracts clients.

Share valuable content to attract more visitors and gain authority.

Gain more exposure and attract potential clients online.

You've tried the DIY option

Worn out from learning a bazillion new skills

I've pulled those all night editing sessions. Trying to edit your photos on top of learning how to design a website is exhausting.

I've been there too. But there's a better way.

Not sure which what to go with all the different options out there?

There's a bajillion options out there. Different platforms, designers, packages, options. Where are you suppose to start?

Never ending list of things  you need to do for your photography business

Being in business for your self is a marathon not a sprint. It really is never ending. That's why we need to work together.

Real result from real photographers

My clients have achieved amazing results. But not just amazing for the numbers sake but amazing clients, amazing relationships, and more fulfillment.

My clients see over all bookings go up in the first month

My clients Make more money per client within 3 months.

My clients see increased Ideal Leads within the first 2-3 weeks.

He not only designed my website, but he designed websites for my photog friends as well! He took the time to listen to all of my ideas and brainstorm with me on ways to make my site (and my photography business) the most effective and efficient and then he created a website that was exactly what I had envisioned! He still continues to help me with little changes I need made as well! I highly recommend Nick and Wild Eyed Creative Co!!!

"Nick is amazing!"

Kendra Pence Photography

Kendra Pence

and if you're thinking....

I like big buts...🍑

(This sounds great and all but....)

What if It doesn't Help me Grow

I just dont have the time right now

I don't think I can afford it

To make it more affordable, I have payment plans. My clients have seen growth and a significant change in the quality of their clients. I'll take care of the design and development so you can spend your time on your clients not learning web design. A professional website is an important marketing tool for showcasing your work and attracting new clients. Let's talk more about your goals and develop a website that will help your photography business thrive.

3 Payments

1 Payment

2 Payments




Take 3 months and keep your payments bite sized.

Hop all in with one payment. This is the best value for the package

Split your payments up! Take 2 months to pay for your bangin new website!

Basic Copy

Basic SEO


Mini Branding

Copy is the soul of your website


Your website Your words

Extra pages

While the visuals communicate your vibe your words communicate the information your potential clients are looking for. Knowing what to write can be tricky.  I can take care of that for you! While I always recommend having a bonafide copywriter do your site, if that's not an option right now I've gotchu.

Basic Copy

Basic SEO


Mini Branding

Search Engine Optimization

Basic SEO is the foundation you need to have an SEO expert come in and work from.  From your Title tags, to your meta descriptions. There's a few basic things you need to setup. I'll handle that basics so your site gets off on the right foot with google.

attention is king

Extra Pages


Basic Copy

Basic SEO


Mini Branding

The website mini brand

Still rockin that logo kit you bought from Etsy a couple years back?  Let's fix that.  This mini brand gets you a new word mark logo, fonts, and colors to bring your brand up to date and on part with your work.

Discover Your Vibe

Extra Pages


Basic Copy

Basic SEO


Mini Branding

blogs are more than just seo.

Don't get me wrong. Blogs are incredible for your SEO. But...even more than that your blogs are pieces of content that connect with people right where they are.  Creating connections and relationships that turn a random person from the internet into your next favorite client.

Your stories

Extra Pages



BaSic Copy

Basic SEO


Mini Branding

Sometimes you need a little extra

Whether you have multiple galleries or services pages, need a fancy sales pages to run adds too, want to spice up your Instagram link page, or you just launched your email list. I'm all for those extra pages!

More pages more love

extra pages


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