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My expertise with your DIY spirit. Get my eyes on your site to make sure it showcases your work in a way your proud of and brings in the sales to make your business thrive.

this 60 minute focused audit will help you make the changes your website needs.



I hate to break it to ya but....your site could be better

Most photographers create their websites using a template and then don't ever look at it again, but the problem is your website needs several key things in order for it to captivate potential clients and turn them into paying clients.

In this recorded 1-1 audit I'll guide you through all the things we can do to take your website to the next level.

Imagine finally being proud of the website you've built for your photography business. That makes you money while you're sleeping

I remember when I built my very first website for my photography business.  To see my official corner of the internet completed and out for the world to see I was both nervous and excited. I finally felt like I had a real business. Like things were finally official.

Level up your online presence and gain the skills to keep your website moving forward

Get more potential clients into your business with a website that finally does its job

Strengthen your brand by having a site thats more aligned with your mission and vission

your 1-1 video recorded so you can always reference it to keep making changes.

Feel confident about your website and what you need to do next with it.

you create the memories ill help you showcase them

Frustrated not knowing how you can make your site better

There's a million strategies and a million ways to do the same thing. Knowing which thing to choose and do can be super furstrating.

I've been there too. But there's a better way.

Not sure which way to go with all the different options out there?

There's a bajillion options out there. Different platforms, designers, packages, options. Where are you suppose to start?

Trying to understand how websites work adds to the infinite list of things to do

You've already got a million things you need to be doing for you business. Learning website strategies and design best practices doesn't need to be one of them.

Real result from real photographers

My clients have achieved amazing results. But not just amazing for the numbers sake but amazing clients, amazing relationships, and more fulfillment.

My clients see over all bookings go up in the first month

My clients Make more money per client within 3 months.

My clients see increased Ideal Leads within the first 2-3 weeks.

My biggest takeaway from our call was that I uncovered some things about my business that were not a part of my plan before. I am happy that in a way creating this website is also like starting from scratch in creating my photography goals and being specific with what I am going after. Your suggestion of doing that one small thing to make a difference or stand out from others was the bomb. 

" I have really learned so much from our strategy session". 

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Meli Fazlioski

60 min tailoredP Pre-recorded website audit
Clarity with your websites purpose and function
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In-Depth Website audit

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