Showit Website Templates for photographers with a dark side

Do-it-yourself doesn’t mean do-it-alone.

  • Template
  • Install & Domain Connection
  • Customization ( Includes: applying your brand colors, fonts, logos, and populating your content for you )

We put this package together for the photographer that wants it done for them with 0 worries. We'll cover you from install to Launch!

Let us take care of the whole enchilada.

Done For you


  • Template
  • Install

Sometimes were ready before were ready ammiright.  You know you need a site and your ready for it but you need to spend some time going through content. We got you. Well get your template installed and ready for you to drop those tasty shots into their place holders!

Need things setup but want some time to sort content and upload on your timeline?

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  • Template Only

Your Showit savvy. You know your way around a key board and you know a little something about Design hierarchy. This little package is just what you need.

You've got them Napoleon dynamite computer skills

I got this


These moody website templates were designed to be anything other than average.  I'm flipping a look with these templates so you can finally have a website that represents you, your tribe and your work.

Not your average Website Templates

Bo-Ho No Mo

Imagine having a website as emotional as your work. A website that has the perfect look and feel. 

Now imagine that website is yours and its got your tribe banging down your front door. 

These templates are for you if:

You're making a pivot towards a more ideal client

Your current website is a hot mess

You Don't Have any Website

You're ready to commit to your Tribe

You're ready for a custom site without the custom price tag

You're pivoting industries (Families to weddings)

Showit makes content management a breeze. Swapping images, colors, fonts, and copy has never been easier!

Easily customizable


These templates were built with a very specific vibe in mind. Which means the only things you need to change are the images and the copy. No need to waste time with hours of little tweaks. Let the vibe do the work!

Less tweaking


Unlike a lot of other templates. You'll be one of 50 people to have these templates. When they're gone they're gone. This helps keep things even more custom!

Limited Quantities


Whats so rad about these templates?

We handle the vibe. You build your tribe. Your adventure is out there...Not in here trapped behind your computer.  It's time to go where the wild things are!

Every hour you waste trying to be a web designer is an hour you'll lose out on growing your business. 

Focus on what you do best. Which is crafting incredible, moody Af, Emotional Imagery. 

There's an endless list of things you need to take care of and do for your business.  learning web design as a skillset should not be one of them. 

These templates are a way for you to get your time and life back. So you can be out there making the next banger shot. Not slumped over your computer loathing the sun as it rises on another sleepless night.

You pump out the bangers. We'll give you a place to show them off

Ready to venture to the wild side? Punch the button below to scope out which template is right for you.

photographers with a dark side

the guy behind the designs.

Photographers are my people. I love this industry and the crazy people in it.

Welcome to the wild side of photography templates.

I'M Nick Robertson

About this guy

former wedding photographer Here. I'm now a Designer and brand strategist From Illinois but currently based In Lexington, KY.

YOu can Catch me hiking in the mountains, shooting at the range, or restoring old motorcycles like a good ol’ boy. If you catch me at home i'll probably be spending time with my wife and daughter, playin with my Wiener (Dog), Novie, and my adorable but overly clingy heeler, Shadow.

I also love film photography, videography, educational podcasts, writing and performing music, audio engineering, Jiu Jitsu and binge-watching Netflix with a charcuterie board and a glass of fine whiskey. 

Once everything is ready to go we will soft launch you so that you can setup and plan your own official launch day!

Launch baby

For the setups plans we've got it from here! After we have your info and content we'll work out magic and get this baddy live!

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You'll get an email with your goodies and next steps! If you just got the template you can get after the setup right away! If you got one of the setup plans we'll be in touch to get you on the calendar!

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Finally a place where all those shoots for exposure finally pay off!  Just kidding. But the good news is we have payment plans After Pay is coming soon. Until then if you're looking at the Done For you Package you can shoot us an email and well get a payment plan setup for you!

Cash in all that free exposure

Do you need Jesus to take the wheel, Just get started or do you got this?  Whatever level of help you need we gotchu fam!

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Choices are easy now. There's only two! Are you a little bit Rock 'N' Roll or are you feeling those Midnight Magic Vibes? 

Choose your showit Template

Templates  for out of the box, dark and moody photographers.  Crafted to make your life easier.

15 Years as a photographer
5+ years wedding photographer
10+ years in the industry

Even though I don't shoot clients anymore photography is still one of my biggest passions. It's why I specifically work with photographers!

I've used hacked adobe software, and I've charged 5k+ for weddings. I'm intimately familiar with the growing pains associated with a photography business and that's why I created these templates.

To create the things I needed when I was coming up trying to make sense of the reality of a photography business.

I know a thing or two. Because i've shot a thing or two

Mix and match sections to fit your business needs

Easy to use customizeable showit website Template

Matching blog setup so you can hit the ground running

Assets included. Custom font's can be purchased. Links in download

Snag your template

Templates for photographers with a dark side.

Each Template has 6 Pages.

- Home
- About
- Investment
- Galleries
- Blog
- Contact


1-1 customer support


Limited quantities of each template


Swappable sections to make each page fit your business needs


If not now, when?  It's never going to be perfect. You just have to start. Let us help you start off on the right foot with a template that has the vibe you're looking for.

2023 Is your year. Let's get you in front of your tribe

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How can we help?

It depends on how booked I am at that moment but if you have all your images and assets ready to go you can expect to have your site up within 3-5 days!

Soon! We will be partnering with After Pay to make Payment plans possible very soon.  For now If you need a payment plan Email me directly and I can get you setup!

I've gotchu! Depending on the issue I can usually coach you through it but if you've run into something more nuanced well hop on a zoom call and knock it out!

Do to the nature of templates we do not offer refunds. However if you come up agaisnt something your not happy with. We'll make sure you're taken care of!